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COD : John W. VanNatta, Sr.

Certificate of Distinction Winner- 1959 John W. VanNatta, Sr.

John W. VanNatta, Sr.

Battleground, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1959

John W. VanNatta, Sr., Battleground, is a pioneer in many ways. A 1902 graduate of Purdue University, he has been a leader in the beef cattle business for more than fifty years. In the early part of the century, he and two brothers operated a 100,000 acre ranch in Texas where they ran 8,000 to 10,000 brood cows. He has been in the Hereford business in Indiana from 1909 to the present.
VanNatta Herefords have a nationwide reputation in the show ring. They have appeared in major shows throughout the country and have won champion steer awards at the International Livestock Exposition and at the Denver Stock Show.
They have also won championships at the Kentucky, Nebraska, and Indiana State Fairs and the Kansas City Royal.
VanNatta is a charter member of the National Livestock and Meat Board, a Director of the American Hereford Association, and has served on the Indiana Livestock Sanitary Board.
He has been president of the Lafayette Production Credit Association for eighteen years.
John VanNatta has truly been a pioneer and a leader in the profession of agriculture. To him, our thanks for a life devoted to a worthy cause.