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COD : K. E. Beeson

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1961 K.E. Beeson

K. E. Beeson

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1961

As drum major for the Purdue marching band, Agronomy Legend Keller Beeson mastered leadership lessons as a student that would serve him well in a 40-year career devoted to agriculture. Beeson first worked in sales, then seven years as a high school teacher and principal and two eradicating barberry. He joined the Purdue staff in 1924. He’s best known for teaching—through demonstrations, short courses, winter schools and published circulars—with lessons that focused on crop production.  He rode the Purdue Soil Testing Special, a train that traveled the state. He reviewed soil samples farmers brought to him for recommendations on lime, fertilizer and crop rotation. He also directed corn and soybean yield contests at state grain and seed shows. Beeson was involved in the seed certification program from 1924 to 1962. He helped found the American Soybean Association. And he served as a 4-H club leader.