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COD : R. B. Stewart

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1961 R. B. Stewart

R. B. Stewart

Duluth, MN | Certificate of Distinction: 1961

Robert Bruce Stewart, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees from July 1, 1933 to July 1, 1935, served as controller of the University since November 1925. During that period he became a recognized leader among the business officers of colleges and universities of the state and nation. After graduation from the Carlton County, MN schools he taught in the Houghton, MN public schools. He later served as a const accountant before enrolling at the University of Wisconsin. He graduated from Wisconsin in 1923 and three years later obtained his masters degree.
From 1923 to 1925 he was a business manager and teacher in Albion College, Albion, MI. In addition to serving on various boards at Purdue, he taught classes in accounting. Mr. Stewart served as past president of state and national associations of college and university business officers. He was also the secretary-treasurer of the Purdue Research Foundation; secretary-treasurer of Better Homes, Inc.; and treasurer of the Ross-Ade Foundation. He was a former secretary-treasurer of the Varsity Realty Corporation of Lafayette; president of Food Shippers Dispatch, Inc.; director of Standard Life Insurance Company; director of the Purdue Student Housing Corporation; and president of the Central Presbyterian Church Realty Company.