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COD : Roscoe Fraser

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1962 Roscoe Fraser

Roscoe Fraser

Monticello, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1962

ROSCOE R. FRASER, Monticello, is probably known by more people than any other Purdue staff member. An Extension Vegetable Crops Specialist, he joined the Purdue staff in 1933. Before that, he was vocational agriculture teacher, county agent, and a buck sergeant in World War I. People know Roscoe for these things:
1. Pioneered muck crop development and commercial tomato production in Indiana.
2. Vigorous and imaginative youth programs in horticulture.
3. Second only to Governor Schricker in crowning tomato queens and kissing junior vegetable growers.
4. Mr. Tomato of Indiana. (He has a wooden replica to prove it.)
5. Creator of 'the potato to spudnik.
6. Longtime promoter of the Muck Crops Show.
7. Rooster crower organizer.
8. Salesman of hotdogs and apples at Purdue athletic events.
9. Encourager of long morning glory vines.
In addition, Roscoe' Fraser, was one of the early workers in the Ag Alumni Association, and one of the founders of the Ag Alumni Seed Improvement Associa­tion.
Truly, Roscoe "gets the job done" when others say it is impossible. No job has looked too big or too ridiculous for him. While others stand back and say "I don't know about that," he has the thing half done.