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COD : Paul Johnson

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1964 Paul C. Johnson

Paul Johnson

Chicago, IL | Certificate of Distinction: 1964

PAUL C. JOHNSON, CHICAGO Editorial Director, Tbe Prairie Farmer is recognized throughout the Midwest as one of the farmer's most fervent supporters and will readily come to the aid of agriculture in any cause that he feels is to the public good and one that is right for the farmer. His humble ways, his country manner, and his fearless ability to support his views make him a popular figure on the speakers platform as well as on the printed page.
Reared on a Minnesota dairy farm, Johnson was engaged in the purebred livestock business with his father and brothers. He left the home farm soon thereafter and entered the journalism profession. In 1940, while serving as editor of the Worthington Minnesota Daily Globe. he was called to the Universiry of Minnesota to take charge of publications, radio, visual aids, and agricultural journalism for their School of Agriculture. In 1947, he was made editor of Tbe Prairie Farmer. In that position, he has provided dynamic leadership to the agricultural writing profession. Through his magazine, he has soundly fostered accurate agricultural reporting, the providing of good informational material for farmers and unhesitantingly spoken forth for what he believes to be sound principles in agriculture.
Certainly, Paul Johnson is a fearless, a thoughtful, a visionary man. Therefore, we give him our Certificate of Distinction.