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COD : C. G. Irion

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1964 C.G. Irion

C. G. Irion

West Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1964

CHRISTIAN G. IRION, WEST LAFAYETTE is unknown probably to several of you. He is however, a man who has made his devotion to his job and his attention to detail important to most every person in Indiana.
Chris, as we call him, is Assistant Comptroller for Agriculture for Purdue University and is rather correctly known as a vigilant watchdog of the taxpayers money. He is known and respected by all who work with him, and is characterized as a man who "hues the line" when public funds are concerned. His dedication to carrying out the responsible use of money appropriated by both public and private agencies to the Purdue Agricultural Experiment Station and Agricultural Extension Service has made him an indispensible member of the Purdue Ag team.
Irion served his apprenticeship in financial matters as a stenographer and clerk with the Monon Railroad. In 1925, he left the Monon to join the National Fowler Bank in Lafayette where he was successively bookkeeper, assistant cashier, and auditor.
In 1934, he joined the chief accountant's office at Purdue. A year later, he became assistant chief accountant and was promoted to assistant comptroller for agriculture in 1960.
Chris Irion's service to agriculture through his wise and frugal handling of funds allocated to the furtherance of agriculture is known by Purdue researchers and extension men alike. They, along with the rest of us, thank him for his help.