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COD : Charles Maddox

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1964 Charles Maddox

Charles Maddox

Otterbein, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1964

CHARLES M. MADDOX, OTTERBEIN has accumulated an array of activ­ities and achievements that reaches far beyond agriculture. The fact remains, however, that the Maddox farm north of Otterbein, Indiana has been the base and basis of his good works.
The 1916 County Agent's Annual Report for Benton County says that "....Benton County gave a trip to Washington, D. C. to the boy having the highest (corn) yield. This was won by Charles Marion Maddox ... who had a yield of 87.5 bushels per acre ... " He subsequently graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1924 and returned to the home farm where he has long been a leader in improving agricultural productivity. He has entered the five acre com club for 24 years and has won 21 gold medals in that time. In the Soybean Club, he has accumulated 12 gold medals in thirteen years. His Gold Medal Calf Club record is likewise impressive. He is a member of Ag Alumni's Agricultural Hall of Fame and has been cited as a Distinguished Purdue Ag for 21 years.
Perhaps, however, Maddox' greatest contribution to Indiana society has been his long and wise tenure in our State Senate. Here Charley's good judgment and cool head has, on many an occasion, come to the rescue of things that are best for all concerned.
First elected to the State Senate in 1947, he has served continuously since that time. He has acted on the Budget, Finance, Roads, and Education Committees, and has been chairman of the Finance and Roads Committees. He has rapidly risen to the ranks of the senior Senators and frequently serves wise counsel to those junior to him in politics.
It is our pleasure to give this Certificate of Distinction to Charles Maddox - who has excelled in both his professional and his public efforts.