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COD : Noah Hadley

1966 Certificate of Distinction Winner Noah Hadley

Noah Hadley

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1966

Professor Hadley's efforts contributed materially to passage by the U.S. Congress in 1954 of a special appropriation for Farm and Home Development work across the nation. He is widely recognized for his keen analytical ability and excellence as a teacher. He is highly respected for his Long Range Outlook projections. Noah began his Purdue career as a County Agent in 1930, serving successfully in Franklin, Fulton, and Parke Counties. While in Parke County, he pioneered the unit approach to farm planning. He joined the Agricultural Economics staff in 1945 as a Farm Manage-ment Specialist where he developed and expanded the individual farm planning work to a state wide activity. Following his retirement, in 1971, he has continued to be sought as a consultant. He has received numerous honors. They include the Certificate of Distinction from the Purdue Ag Alumni Association in 1966, the Outstanding Extension Pro-gram Award of the American Agricultural Economics Association in 1969, and the Career Award of the Extension Specialists Association, also in 1969. Both the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank (Louisville) and the Indiana Bankers Association presented him with recognition awards. He continued to pursue his interest in good bird dogs, bird hunting, golfing, and fishing after his retirement. B.S.A. Purdue, 1930