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COD : Charles Schenck

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1966 Charles Schenck

Charles Schenck

Vincennes, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1966

Charles H. Schenk, Vincennes, Indiana, depicts the man who considers his talents, his abilities, and his good fortunes as property to be shared with his fel­low man.
Charlie is well known as a large and successful farmer and seedsman, but more than that as a man genuinely interested and involved in the problems and changes of an advancing agriculture.
He started growing hybrid seed corn in 1937 and, in partnership with his three sons (all Purdue Ags), has become one of the prominent seed producers in that part of the state. In 1945, he purchased a large farm from the Federal government. That farm is now the center of his operations. In 1953, the firm establsihed the first alfafa dehydrating plant in Indiana. Schenk Farms now number about 2500 acres of owned and leased land with about 400 acres in seed corn, 200 acres in wheat, and the rest in alfafa.
Schenk was a prominent member of the Indiana House of Representatives from 1955 till 1962, and has been a member of the Senate since that time.
He is one of the staunch supporters of the Wabash Valley Association, and is one of a group of pioneers investigating the potential for sugar beets in the Wabash valley.
For industry, for ingenuity, for courage, and for proving that the individual can create his own success, we honor Charles Schenk.