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COD : Reuben Dooley

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1967 Reuben Dooley

Reuben Dooley

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1967

In almost every community that is anything, you will find a person or persons who have the imagination, the drive, and the sense of public responsibility to assert positive leadership. West Central Indiana is fortunate in having Reuben Dooley.
A resident of Rockville, Indiana, Mr. Dooley has been manager of the Parke County R. E. M. C. since its beginning and was one of the pioneers in achieving electric energy for rural people.
An enthusiastic exponent of long range community planning, Reuben was one of prime promoters of Mansfield Reservoir. At the same time, he was instrumental in implementing proper zoning and planning of the area around this recreational facility.
He has given of his strength to other people, too. He has aided in the planning of the area around the Monroe Reservoir. He has helped with community development in the Lincoln Hills area. He is active in the Wabash Valley Association and has helped in the work of the Interstate Compact Commission, and the Army Corp of Engineers. He also has served on many state and national committees in behalf of rural people.
The stimulant to Reuben Dooley's activity has been his loyalty to and belief in rural people. His awareness to their problems and the strength of his convictions have driven him to true community service.
We salute Reuben Dooley.