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COD : Dr. Albert P. Stewart

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1967 Dr. Albert P. Stewart

Dr. Albert P. Stewart

West Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1967

"Singing is one of the outward manifestations of happiness, so it follows naturally that a singing world will be a happy world." - Dr. Albert P. Stewart
In the case of Dr. Albert P. Stewart, West Lafayette, Indiana, we won't talk about theoretical beliefs, abstract academic training, or basic research motives. We will talk about love for people, a deeply ingrained faith in mankind, a clear-cut ideal, and a man who drives hard to achieve his goal.
From Forest, Indiana to Hollywood's Palladium, from Llangoll en, Wales to Alma, Michigan, from the Indiana Society of Chicago to obscure community concerts, people have been made a little happier by the Purdue Varsity Glee Club. The Glee Club is not just a glee club - it is the characterization of the goals and the ideals of Al Stewart. Without the other, neither would be the same, but together they epitomize the ultimate in musical joy.
The son of a Methodist minister, Dr. Stewart attended Purdue and DePauw Universities. In 1960, he received an Honorary Doctor of Music from DePauw.
In 1933, he joined the Purdue staff as director of the Purdue Musical Organiza­tions. He developed this rather obscure extracurricular area into one of the nations great musical organizations - all in the midst of a large technical and scientific university. Tell people that Purdue does not have a school of music - they won't believe you.
The Purdue Musical Organizations now embraces The Famous Varsity Glee Club, The Purduettes, The Collegiate Singers, The University Choir, music teachers, specialty acts, and a host of other unselfish ventures.
There's no doubt about it, the world is a happier place because of the work of Dr. Albert P. Stewart.