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COD : Chester E. Troyer

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1967 Chester Troyer

Chester E. Troyer

LaFontaine, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1967

In this day of an advanced technical agriculture, it is unusual to find a true pioneer. We have just such a man in Chester E. Troyer, LaFontaine, Indiana.
He started a seed corn business in 1908. He was cited World Corn King in 1920, 1927, 1932 and 1939. When hybrid corn appeared on the agricultural horizon, Troyer adapted his seed business to the new situation. He sold the first hybrid seed corn in Indiana in 1929. He continued by developing his own hybrids based on inbreeds of his own making. His inbred lines soon became nationally famous in the seed industry.
His business was not his entire life, however. He was one of the organizers and president for ten years of the Seed Certification Service. He was president of the Indiana Hybrid Growers for ten years. He exhibited at over 500 shows and fairs where he won over 2000 champion, first, and second place ribbons. In addition, he judged over 500 grain shows.
For his technological leadership, his productive excellence, and for his loyalty to a better agriculture we are pleased to present the Certificate of Distinction to Chester E. Troyer.