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COD : William J. Parvis

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1968 William Parvis

William J. Parvis

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1968

We're always happy when an industry or business elects to be public spirited; reaching beyond its own economic bounds to be helpful. We're even happier when they hire a man specifically to do the job. Even then, the suc­cess of the venture is not guaranteed. It takes a special kind of man. The Public Service Company of Indiana found just such a man in William J. Parvis, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bill worked relentlessly to take electricity to the farmer through the "Farm Better Electrically" program. He has actively fostered industry ·spon­sored research programs on farm use of electricity and played a key role in the development of the electric research farm at Purdue.
Parvis has been one of the 4-H Club's best friends. He helped develop and supports 4-H Electric Projects through awards and leadership training.
Likewise, he has been helpful to vocational agriculture teachers through special training classes in farm electricity, and helped develop a textbook on that subject for high school teaching.
Bill Parvis was one of the central figures in the leasing and the develop­ment of the old Ross Camp into the new and vital 4-H Leadership Center near Purdue.
A 1928 Agriculture graduate of Purdue, he has lived up to all the hopes of those who preceded him and has served as an example of all who followed. That's reason enough to give him our highest award, the Certificate of Distinc­tion.