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COD : Jay Gould

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1968 Jay Gould

Jay Gould

Kalamazoo, MI | Certificate of Distinction: 1968

Every school of agriculture around the county has its dean. Northeastern Indiana has its own "Dean of Agriculture." He is Jay Gould, Farm Service Director of Radio Station WOWO, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jay was born on a farm near Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was educated in a one room country school and later attended four universities. During what he calls, "the adventure of my life," he worked as a farmer, lumberjack, iron miner, educator, musician, composer, playwright, naturalist, and essayist.
Gould's radio career spans well over 30 years. He began, rather surpris¬≠ingly, as a creator of children's programs for NBC. Since 1941, he has concentrated his efforts on broadcasting and lecturing in the field of agriculture. His "Little Red Barn" is faithfully followed by millions of listeners. His energy seems limitless. A rather typical schedule for him is to rise at 3:00 a.m. to prepare for his early morning program, then on to preparing for his noon broadcast. After a busy afternoon, he moves out that evening to lecture to  some farm or urban audience on his agricultural philosohpy. Then, a little sleep and back to the station he goes.
The most notable characteristic of this man is his unending belief in agriculture and his unquenchable thirst to know and tell more about this field he loves so much.
As a matter of fact, he has worked directly with 0ur Ag Alumni Association. He was one of the originators of the "Brain Train" which brought over 300 students to Purdue in 1964 to attend Operation Brainpower College Day.
Jay Gould has been described thusly, "The philosophies, the poetry, the sound science, earthy common sense and humor of this unique gentleman have made him both student and scholar, master and servant, to the millions of people to whom his name is a household word."
We salute you!