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COD : Dr. John B. Peterson

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1969 John B. Peterson

Dr. John B. Peterson

West Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1969

Dr. John B. Peterson, West Lafayette, possesses a rare ability to com­bine, in a most applicable fashion, a very exotic scientific training, a dedication to teaching others, and a humble love for people, into a life productively serving the agricultural profession.
A native of Oregon, Dr. Peterson graduated from Oregon State University in 1928, then went to Iowa State for his Master's and Doctor's Degrees.
As a fundamental scientist, he has achieved national recognition. In 1948, he received the Stevenson Award "For Outstanding Research in Soils." In 1951 he was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and served as its president in 1958-9.
Dr. Peterson came to Purdue as head of the Agronomy Department and has developed it into one of the strongest of its kind in the country - one respected for the qual ity of its research, the dedication of its teachers, and the excellence of its extension staff. Enrollment has increased many fold since his appointment.
Dr. Peterson is a humanist. He has the peculiar trait of allowing his co-workers to freely develop their own interests, attributes, and goals within the departmental structure.
His personal ethics and high standards have permeated all those who know him. For that, we thank him with this high award.