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COD : David C. Pfendler

1969 Certificate of Distinction Winner David C. Pfendler

David C. Pfendler

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1969

About once in a person's lifetime, everyone is profoundly influenced by the advise and counsel of someone - sometimes by request, but sometimes inadvertently. That influential person, by his very nature, in strong, dedicated, and oftentimes brutally honest. The one word to describe him is - impact.
Just such a rare individual is Dean David C. Pfendler, Lafayette, Indiana.
As Assistant Dean of the Purdue School of Agriculture, he is particularly charged with a task of the most personal degree - counseling, scheduling, and guiding each student to the successful completion of a professional education that best fits him for his own particular attributes and goals.
Dean Pfendler can immediately establish rapport with agriculture students for he is indeed a man of the soil himself. He maintains an active interest in the Shelby County farm that has been in the family for generations.
"Dave" graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1932 and returned to Shelby County to farm and work in public policy work as it relates to agriculture. But he soon returned to Purdue as assistant to the Dean of Agriculture. Since that day in 1937, he has influenced the lives of literally thousands of young people as they face the tribulations of a new life and a demanding educational task.
Dean Pfendler has maintained an active interest in Alpha Gamma Rho, his social fraternity and in Alpha Zeta, his honorary, and has held high national offices in both.
He also has been a leader in the Wabash Valley Association and the Indiana Angus Association. He also has worked as secretary, a director, vice­president, and president of the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association, and as a director of the Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association.
A host of thousands of former Purdue Ag students take this opportunity to thank you, Dean Pfendler, for your help.