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COD : Isaac K. Beckes

1970 Certificate of Distinction Winner Isaac K. Beckes

Isaac K. Beckes

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1970

In this time when being a university president is not one of the most enviable of professions; it is the pleasure of the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association to confer our Certificate of Distinction on Dr. Isaac Beckes, President of Vincennes University. He steadfastly has maintained the philosophy that all those who earnestly desire to achieve an education should be provided the opportunity to do so. When he became president of Vincennes, it was a small struggling institution of less than 300 students. Today that same institution (although you would hardly recognize it) has enrollment exceeding 2800 pupils. Dr. Beckes led the community in an extensive program to improve facilities. Existing buildings were remodeled to meet University needs. New buildings were built. Equipment was added. What used to be a small trade school is now a well endowed, energetic, two-year university. Our particular reason for honoring Dr. Beckes is for his cooperation with the Purdue School of Agriculture in developing a two year program in agriculture at Vincennes. Almost 200 students are now enrolled in the program. Most all of them later transfer to Purdue to finish their work and have established an enviable record here. For his dedication to grass roots community education, and for his success in building a most useful University, we salute Dr. Isaac Beckes.