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COD : Henry Mayo

1970 Certificate of Distinction Winner Henry Mayo

Henry Mayo

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1970

What can you say about a man who has unobtrusively and selflessly given of his whole life for the betterment of others, yet has asked little for himself? His life and his influence on others is his testimonial. That life given so enthusiastically to others belongs to Henry Mayo. He is a natural leader in cattle and sheep industry. In 1936 he became an Extension Animal Husbandman at Purdue and served in that position until his retirement a few months ago. He's a natural born organizer. He instigated sheep shearing schools, was organizer of the National Sheep Shearing Contest. In fact, he personally taught many winners of that event. He has helped organize Indiana Sheep Days, Indiana Cattle Feeder Days, and many Indiana Cow-Calf Field Days. Henry is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, the American Grassland and Forage Council and Epsilon Sigma Phi, National Extension Fraternity. He is a past national director of Farmhouse Fraternity and received this fraternity's "Master Builder of Men" award in 1968. More than all this, though, Henry Mayo is a philosopher and humanitarian. He doesn't preach new technology for technology's sake. He does it if he feels it will help men find their way toward a more fulfilling life. He doesn't always move with the crowd. He moves with the hearts of men. For 33 years of dedicated service to the livestock industry and the men who run that industry, we give Henry Mayo this Certificate of Distinction.