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COD : Erland Rothenberger

Certificate of Distinction Winner- 1970 Erland Rothenberger

Erland Rothenberger

Frankfort, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1970

The 1970's undoubtedly will be the decade when professional agri­culture will come into its own. It will be the decade when the farmers who have successfully adopted advanced technologies, and have thoughtfully coordinated science and management to reach a high level of efficient farm operation will be richly rewarded for their excellence.
Erland Rothenberger of Frankfort is one of the partners in Rothen­berger Farms that truly represents one of the most advanced farm operations in the nation. Their farm is visited by touring farmers from throughout the nation, college agriculture classes, vocational agriculture groups, and foreign visitors. It seems that a Farm Management or Livestock Tour cannot be held without visiting their place.
The Rothenberger hog operation is one of the most modern in the nation and produces literally thousands of hogs under the most advanced of circumstances. Likewise, their cattle feeding operation is the envy of the industry.
Probably the most unique thing about this whole operation, though, is the manner in which every practice, cost, and factor is recorded, assimi­lated, and analyzed as a tool for production improvement. Their records are complex, complete, and extremely analytical.
Erland is past president of the Indiana Farm Management Association, was recipient of the Ford Foundation National Award for Farm Management in 1962, and is an active member of the Frankfort Methodist Church.
For being an agricultural leader in a most professional sense, we salute Erland Rothenberger.