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COD : Eric A. Holm

1971 Certificate of Distinction Winner Eric A. Holm

Eric A. Holm

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1971

Since 1937, Eric Holm has been dedicated to youth through the Indiana Cooperative Extension program. In 1942, he became a member of the State 4-H Staff. Eric has developed many new organizations and given them enough help and inspiration that they continue to support themselves. Eric was founder of the Extension Specialist Association, the Purdue Collegiate 4-H Club, the Indiana IFYE program, the IFYE Alumni Association, the IFYE Host Family Organization, and the 4-H Caravan program. More than one quarter million dollars has been raised to develop 4-H international programs with 68 countries of the world, and 686 men and women have personally benefited by this program. In 1965, Eric presented a program at the World IFYE Conference in Berne, Switzerland. Three years later he accompanied the first 4-H group to five South American countries. Eric has been responsible for the Horse and Pony project and developed the Indiana Horse and Pony Director organization. He also organized similar groups for rabbit and dog enthusiasts. Eric was graduated from Purdue with his B.S.A. in 1933 and a Master’s in 1945. He organized the Class of 133 Breakfast Club. Eric and his ,wife, Charlotte, have a son Dr. Robert Holm, who is Director of research for Diamond-Shamrock, Gainsville, Ohio, and a daughter, Marjorie, a Purdue graduate who is Director of food services at Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, Indiana. They also have three grandchildren. Eric is a member of Lafayette Rotary Club, the Central Presbyterian Church, a director of the Swedish American Society in Chicago, and President of the Swedish Mission Church Alumni Association in Donaldson, Indiana. He lives on a grass farm north of Lafayette and raises registered Angus cattle and Shetland ponies.