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COD : Clarence L. Spuller

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1973 Clarence Spuller

Clarence L. Spuller

Plymouth, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1973

Clarence L. Spuller, Plymouth, Indiana, is, in every sense of the word, a county agent's county agent. His long tenure as county extension agent in Rush County (1943 to 1966) endeared him to the farmers, homemakers, and 4-Hers of the community. He truly devoted his total existence to his people. Most every night, after an extension meeting was over, you could find the lights on in the courthouse. There was Clarence Spuller, writing a news release on the day’s happenings, and getting things organized for the next day. Clarence graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1929. He taught vocational agriculture for a year then returned to Purdue to work for his Master's Degree, which he earned in 1932. He then taught vocational agriculture again until 1936 when he joined the Farm Security Administration in Vincennes. His organizational skills were an example to be emulated throughout the nation. His Rush County Extension Committee consisted of about 100 people from all segments of the community. He made extensive use of people in all his programs. He was a farmer's county agent, too. He was a respected technologist in the crops, hogs, and beef cattle for which Rush County is so famous. In one typical year, Spuller assisted in carrying out 340 meetings, helped 62 farmers with overall farm plans, and provided specific aid to 1851 farmer problems. In 1966, Clarence Spuller was transferred to Plymouth, Indiana where he led an active and effective program for community development in northwestern Indi­ana. He retired in July, 1972. We thank Clarence Spuller for a full life - full because he gave it to others.