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COD : Herbert H. Kramer

1974 Certificate of Distinction Winner Herbert H. Kramer

Herbert H. Kramer

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1974

Dr. Herbert H. Kramer, Director of the Purdue Agricultural Experiment Station is, as you would expect a scientist to be, orderly and efficient, yet tremendously effective in caring for the multifaceted duties of directing the agricultural research for our state.

As you also would expect for a scientist in his position, Dr. Kramer has the scholarly background for the job. A native of Colorado, he earned his Bachelor's Degree from Colorado State University, and his Master's and Doctor's Degrees from the University of Minnesota. In 1968, he received the Outstanding Achievement Award from Minnesota as an alumnus "who has attained high eminence and distinction." In 1953, he was awarded the Stevenson Award for research in crops science from the American Society of Agronomy.
In 1946, Dr. Kramer joined the Purdue Agronomy staff with the specific duty of developing a program to investigate new crops of potential industrial importance. This research on Kramer's part resulted in the development of high amylose corn, now of great importance to the starch industry.
Herbert Kramer was appointed director of the University of Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station in 1961. Six years later, he returned to Purdue to head up our agricul­tural research program.
He holds many professional memberships; among them are Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, the American Society of Agronomy, the Genetics Society of America, and the Crop Science Society of America. He has served as national president of the Crop Science Society and the American Society of Agronomy.
Dr. Kramer, the aid, through research, that you have given our agriculture is incalculable. For that, we present you this Certificate of Distinction.