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COD : Donald E. Frantz

Certificate of Distinction winner- 1975 Donald Frantz

Donald E. Frantz

Warsaw, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1975

One of the most subtle of leadership skills is to establish a position of respect, responsibility: and influence without subjugating those around you to the role of mere followers.
Just that has been one of the skills of Don Frantz, Warsaw, Indiana. The esteem with which he is held by his fellow Extension workers, by agriculturalists where he has worked, and by the community leaders wherever he has lived, is undeniable. Don graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1939. Before going into the Army, he worked for the Farm Security Administration. As both an enlisted man and an officer in World War II, his record in both tank and amphibian forces was distinguished. Following the war, Don was appointed assistant county agent in Knox county. He was then transferred to Wells county as county agent for six years, then became county extension agent in Kosciusko county, where he served until his retirement in December of 1973. In 1971, Don was chosen "Man of the Year" by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. The Warsaw Times-Union said of him, "People like Don are essential to the forward move­ment of our community. The Extension office touches as many lives in our community, both rural and urban, as any other we know. Don Frantz is the ideal public servant, with a sense of civic responsibility that has carried him far beyond the call of duty."
Come to think of it, that defines Ag Alumni's Certificate of Distinction, too. We salute you, Don, for a good life.