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COD : Fred L. Patterson

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1975 Fred Patterson

Fred L. Patterson

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1975

It takes at least double digits to tally every achievement of Agronomy Legend Fred Patterson, an internationally recognized plant breeder in small grains.  In his 36 years at Purdue University, he developed more than 50 small grain varieties, served as major professor for 46 graduate students and added more than 200 publications on genetics and plant breeding to agronomy’s research literature. He also was known for his early applications of new genetics discoveries to crop improvements.  His research included wheat, oats, barley, rice, sorghum, corn and alfalfa. He attained significant advancements in genetics, plant breeding, pathology and cultural practices, and oversaw development and release of 27 new wheat varieties, five types of barley and 20 oat lines, accounting for hundreds of millions of acres of crops. Patterson taught dual level and graduate plant breeding courses, earning great respect as a teacher. He also was appreciated for his humorous quips and ready tales, many with a lesson.