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COD : William M. Beeson

1976 Certificate of Distinction Winner William M. Beeson

William M. Beeson

West Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1976

William "Mac" Beeson, West Lafayette, Indiana, is considered "Mr. Animal Nutrition" by his fellow animal scientists. He is recognized as one of the nation's leaders in nutrition as it applies to beef cattle, sheep, and swine. He has authored or co-authored 136 scientific papers and over 400 technical and popular articles on the subject. Those of us who had him in animal nutrition while in college remember him to be a concise, thorough, and factual teacher whose excellence in the classroom can be excelled only by his expertise as an animal researcher. Dr. Beeson's contributions to animal nutrition are so numerous that we cannot possibly list them all here. So, here are only a few of his most significant accomplishments;
1. Purdue Supplement A for beef cattle was developed by Dr. Beeson and must be considered one of the most significant developments by a Purdue researcher.
2. The need for the addition of vitamin A to certain beef cattle rations was demonstrated by him.
3. Dr. Beeson and colleague F. N. Andrews pioneered the use of stilbestrol implants as a beef cattle growth stimulant.
4. He performed extensive research in the safe use of urea in beef cattle supplements.
5. Mac and his co-workers revealed the increased nutritive value of high moisture corn.
6. He has led research on a great variety of experiments concerning antibiotics as they effect beef cattle.
Dr. Beeson graduated from Oklahoma A. & M. in 1931, and received his Masters and Doctors degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He was on the faculties of Texas A. & M., the University of Idaho, and the University of Arizona before joining Purdue in 1945. He now holds the position of Lynn Distinguished Professor of Agriculture in the Purdue Animal Sciences Department. He is a member of a great many scientific and professional societies, among them, Sigma Xi, Phi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, the American Society of Animal Science, the American Institute of Nutrition, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a member of and has served as national president of the American Society of Animal Production. The scientific and educational accomplishments of Mac Beeson are magnified thousands, in fact, millions of times in their end result. For every farmer who feeds livestock, Dr. Beeson has improved his efficiency, and his opportunity for profit. For every consumer, a higher quality product at a more reasonable price can very well be attributed in some considerable part to the work of Dr. Mac Beeson. We salute you, Dr. Beeson, with this Certificate of Distinction.