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COD : William L. Madigan

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1977 William Madigan

William L. Madigan

Veedersburg, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1977

William L. "Bill" Madigan, Veedersburg, Indiana, has never attended a Purdue Ag Fish Fry. The reason - he was back in the office writing the news releases so they could be in the mail that afternoon and on the way to newspapers and radio and television stations.
For more than twenty years, Bill Madigan has collected myriads of material from teachers, researchers, and extension workers in the Purdue School of Agriculture, and assimilated it into concise, accurate, and readable articles for use by the news media. He knew what they wanted, and they knew that it was good when it came from Bill. They used it.
A real "Hoosier," Bill graduated from Indiana University in 1934. His first job was as a news writer for the Indianapolis News. In 1937, he became political news writer for the Associated Press with Indiana as his beat. He was inquisitive, he was persistent, and he knew where to dig for the information. He knew the politicians; what they said, and what they thought but didn't say. It was a delightful thing to hear Bill spin yarns about the oldtime boys in his cryptic and analytical fashion.
In 1952, he decided that he had had enough. He headed back to his beloved farm in Fountain County to pursue a satisfying career as a farmer. Three years later, a crippling auto accident denied him the life of an active man of the soil. He returned to his journalistic talents and joined the Agricultural Information Staff in the Purdue School of Agriculture as a news writer.
B ill is high Iy respected by newspaper people, and respected (and occasionally feared) by his fellow Ag staff members. By his very nature, Bill is concise, accurate, and coldly analytical. Those qualities in themselves make Bill Madigan a good newspaper man. Purdue University was indeed fortunate to have such a person responsible for the things that were printed about it. Thanks, Bi", for lending us your talents.