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COD : Lowell S. Hardin

1979 Certificate of Distinction Winner Lowell S. Hardin

Lowell S. Hardin

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1979

Almost every person who attended the Purdue School of Agriculture will remember Dr. Lowell S. Hardin as an articulate, inspirational, down-to-earth teacher of farm management. As important as his influence as a teacher may be, Lowell Hardin's abilities as an administrator have reached far beyond the classroom.
A native of Henry County, Indiana, he was a member of the Purdue Agricul­tural Economics Department for twenty-one years. There, he achieved a national reputation in the farm work simplification area. He always carried a heavy teaching load, and was active in university affairs. He was head of Agricultural Economics from 1953 until 1965. While at Purdue Dr. Hardin became interested in internation­al agricultural affairs. He contributed significantly to the development of the coop­erative program between Purdue and Rural University of Minas Gerais, in Viscosa, Brazil.
In 1965, he joined the Ford Foundation as Program Officer for Agriculture.
He now is the senior officer in charge of management, project development, and organization of a worldwide network of several hundred projects. His responsibili­ties encompass a significant share of the Ford Foundation's budget for overseas operations.
Dr. Hardin has served as secretary-treasurer, vice-president, and president of the American Agricultural Economics Association. In 1977, he was elected a Fellow in that distinguished body.
Lowell Hardin distinguished himself in the college classroom. He distin­guished himself as a college administrator. Currently, he is distinguishing himself in the agriculture of the world.
He distinguishes the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association by allowing us to confer upon him this Certificate of Distinction.