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COD : Travis Jamison

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1979 Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison

Jackson County, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1979

While our agricultural profession might go very well if everyone stayed at home and tended solely to the day to day business, the cohesiveness of objectives, and the cooperative advancement of the profession could never occur without some members of the group unselfishly rising above the rest to take the lead. Travis Jamison, Jackson County, Indiana, is just such a man. He is a highly respected and progressive farmer with an intense desire to make his community, state, and nation a better place in which to live.
Jamison, in partnership with his son-in-law, farms a 600 acre corn, soybean, watermelon, and popcorn business. Consistently high yields are proof of his farming capabilities.
Travis Jamison has asserted his agricultural leadership principally through the Farm Bureau organization and its affiliates. He is active in the local and county organizations, and has been a member of the Jackson County Farm Bureau Co­operative board of directors since 1947. He has served as president of the local Farm Bureau, the county Farm Bureau, and as a director of the Jackson County REMC.
He was elected to the Board of Directors of the Indiana Farm Bureau Co­operative Association, and became its vice-president in 1973. In 1977, he was elected to the presidency of that organization of farmers.
Active in the American Institute of Cooperatives, he has participated in world affairs through the National Federation of Farm Bureau.
He is active in his community. For 40 years, he has taught a Sunday school class in his church, where he also served as a deacon, elder, and chairman of the church board.
The Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association is always pleased to present its Certificate of Distinction to one who has excelled in his profession. When a person has dedicated his life to the improvement of his community and his nation, as well, we're especially honored to make this award. Just such a man is Travis Jamison.