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COD : Harold Heinold

Certificate Of Distinction Winner 1979 Harold Heinold

Harold Heinold

Kouts, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1979

Harold Heinold, Kouts, Indiana, typifies the kind of person who possesses the industriousness, the ingenuity, the imagination, and the ambition to accompl ish the goals that he has set up for himself. His record should give heart to any person who believes that the great American dream no longer is possible.
Harold has always lived in Porter County. In 1941, he attended the Purdue eight-week Winter Course in Agriculture, and returned to his home community. In 1949, he purchased the Kouts Hog Market. In 1950, this market was incorporated as the Heinold Hog Market, and he was on his way toward becoming one of the largest marketers of livestock in the United States. Presently, there are 90 Heinold Hog Markets located throughout the midwest. In addition, Heinolds operate ten buying stations for cattle, and one for sheep. Th is past year, they merchandised 4,700,000 hogs, 300,000 cattle, and 42,000 sheep.
In 1967, Heinold obtained a seat on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,and in 1969, became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He was a pioneer in the development of the live hog contract method of marketing swine and, currently, is
a national leader in that area. .
He is a leader in other professional areas, too, as a director of the Northern Indiana Bank and Trust Company, a board member of the Midwestern United Life Insurance Company, a member of the advisory council for the United National Assurance Company, a trustee of the Livestock Merchandising Institute, and a past director of the Independent Livestock Marketing Association.
Harold is active in his church and has served as a trustee, a Sunday school teacher, and as Sunday school superintendent of the Apostol ic Christian Church. He is active in the Kouts Chamber of Commerce, and is a council member for Valparaiso University. 
He is a long time supporter of youth activities. He and his company actively supported 4-H livestock projects. He has made land available for the local FFA chapter for their use as a demonstration farm.
Harold Heinold is a booster of the Purdue School of Agriculture and appears frequently on Extension programs.
For his uncanny ability to progress professionally in the agricultural profes­sion, and for his unselfish willingness to be a working part of his community, we salute Harold Heinold with the Certificate of Distinction.