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COD : Russell L. Cole

Certificate of Distinction Winner- 1982 Russell Cole

Russell L. Cole

Indianapolis, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1982

Some folks act effectively and steadfastly in very quiet ways. Russell L. Cole, Indianapolis, works in just that way. His quiet and effective work in behalf of agriculture over the past four decades has resulted in a long standing improvement in his profession.
A graduate of the Purdue School of Agriculture, Russ learned his lessons well. He has devoted every day since college to the agricultural profession. He began his career as a county agent in Fulton County for two years. In 1946, he joined the Baltimore and Ohio railroad as their agricul­tural agent. In 1953, he was appointed agricultural counsel for the Indiana Chain Store Council and Indiana Retail Council. In 1964, he was hired by the Indiana Grain and Feed Association as their secretary and executive vice-president, and has remained in that position to this day.
A chronological rundown of Russ Cole's jobs doesn't, by any means, tell of his real contribu­tions to agriculture. Those jobs have, however, placed him in a position to organize and activate constructive programs of an endless variety. He is co-founder and past secretary of the Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemicals Association, a member of the board of directors of the Indiana 4-H Foundation, past national president of the Agricultural Relations Council. past national president of the Agricultural Associations Executive Council, and co-organizer of the Indiana Farmer-Retailer Committee.
Russ has been, for thirty-five years, an effective instigator of sound agricultural legislation both on a state and a national basis. He is said to be the most esteemed representative of Indiana agricultural organizations in the Indiana General Assembly for many years.
Russell Cole is a friend of Purdue Agricultu•re. He has always monitored the interests of the School. the Extension Service, and the Agricultural Experiment Station in the Legislature. He has worked actively for the Indiana 4-H Foundation, is a keen supporter of the activities of the State Chemist's office, and has inspired the good work of the Indiana Farmer-Retailer Committee. He has served willingly as an advisor of Purdue agricultural leaders.
Russ, you have earned this Certificate of Distinction from the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association.