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COD : Elynn D. Schall

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1982 Elynn Schall

Elynn D. Schall

West Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1982

Those of us who were raised on Indiana farms may remember the signature that was on the bottom of that tag that was attached to every bag of feed, seed, and fertilizer that we used. The main concern of us at the time was how heavy that sack really was, and not the significance of the signature. Our Dad's concern was not the weight of the sack, but the purity of the product therein. That's where the signature became important.
Now, we see the signature Elynn D. Schall, West Lafayette, Indiana, on those tags, and that means that the seed is pure, that the feed meets the stated specifications, and that the fertilizer is just what the manufacturer says it is. Dr. Schall is the "State Chemist" for the State of Indiana. Our state is rather unique in the fact that the regulatory powers to assess the quality of fertilizers, feeds, seed, and pesticides are vested in the state Chemist who is located at Purdue University. For a great many years, the Indiana system has been recognized as one that administers the law in a thorough, fair, and accurate fashion. Elynn Schall has been Indiana State Chemist since 1965.
Schall has a Bachelor's Degree from Ohio State University, and both the Master's and the Doctor's Degree from Purdue. He is an agricultural chemist by profession. He joined the Purdue faculty in 1949.
He IS recognized as a national leader in agricultural regulatory activities. He led programs to upgrade laboratory analytical quality and efficiency. He did baSIC research work on methods to accurately verify levels of potassium and nitrogen in feed and fertilizer. He has written legislation that fairly protects farmers and agri-business. He was the leader in the preparation of the Indiana Pesticide Law.
Dr. Schall is active in his Church, and has been a pillar for good work in the local Optimists club. He has served on many committees for the Association of American Feed Control Officials, the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials as president, as well as president of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists.
As Indiana State Chemist, Dr. Elynn Schall has directed a regulatory program that is one of high integrity and even-handedness that assures adequate protection for the agricultural com­munity and for industry as well. His program has become an enviable example throughout the nation. Indiana is a fortunate state to have Elynn Schall as our State Chemist.