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COD : Robert L. "Bob" Hogue

1983 Certificate of Distinction Winner Robert L. "Bob" Hogue

Robert L. "Bob" Hogue

Mulberry, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1983

Robert L. "Bob" Hogue, Mulberry, Indiana, is just one of those kind of people that always seems to be where the action is in professional agriculture. If there is a big agricultural show or exposition, there Bob will be. Go to some big conference. He might be there. Or go to a huge chicken barbecue, and there he is, cookin' chicken. Bob Hogue's versatility stems from his unselfish willingness to be helpful, no matter what the job might be. He graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1936, and worked as general manager of C.!. Bashore at Silver Lake for ten years. For the next decade he was Extension Poultryman at Purdue. From 1957 till the present, he has served effectively as Executive Secretary of the Indiana State Poultry Association, and, in addition, has acted as Executive Secretary of the Indiana State Egg Board since 1967. As well as Bob has done at his job, that may not be his greatest contribution to agriculture. He has been deeply involved in the poultry industry on a national and worldwide basis. Recently, he was made a life member of the World Poultry Science Association. He has served on the National Poultry Council, and on the Poultry and Egg National Board. He is a member of the National Poultry and Turkey Improvement Plan, the National Turkey Federation, and is a member of the board of the United States Livestock Sanitary Association. He has travelled extensively to promote the virtues of poultry. Bob Hogue also served his turn as a director of the Purdue Ag Alumni Association. For years, he has run the poultry exhibit at the Indiana State Fair. To say that Bob has been a member of all those organizations is not enough. He has been a leader in all of them. His enthusiasm for the poultry industry and his unstinting willingness to give all his energies to them makes him a logical recipient of this Ag Alumni Certificate of Distinction.