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COD : John V. Osmun

1984 Certificate of Distinction Winner John V. Osmun

John V. Osmun

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1984

John V. Osmun a native of Massachusetts came to Purdue University in 1948 as professor of entomology. Prior to coming to Purdue he had served as a U.S. Army entomologist and as a research entomologist for Merck and Company. Dr. Osmun has received numerous honors during his distinguished career as an entomologist, including the Sigma Delta Chi Best Teacher Award and the Cooperative State Research Service Certificate of Merit.
During his tenure at Purdue, Dr. Osmun was active on the Washington political scene. He served on a special appointment to the Cooperative States Research Service. From 1973 until 1975 Dr. Osmun served as director of the operations division of the EP A pesticide programs. During this period he was the principal author of standards and structure of the national program of pesticide applicator training and certification now in place in all of the U.S. He also fought for the premise that education of those using pesticides should be carried out by states Cooperative Extension Service Osmun was one of the founders of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists.
At Purdue Osmun served as chairman of the president's faculty/student committee appointed to deal with the furor over the Exponent that developed in 1968 at the height of student unrest. In 1981-82 Dean of Agriculture B. J.' Liska asked Dr. Osmun to chair the Task Group for Future Agricultural Complex Development.