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COD : James R. Martin

1988 Certificate of Distinction Winner James R. Martin

James R. Martin

Clarksburg, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1988

James R. Martin, Clarksburg, Indiana, certainly meets the criteria of being a responsible steward of the land and its resources in full meaning. After graduating from the Purdue School of Agriculture, Jim returned to the home farm in Decatur County. It soon became his first priority to turn his attention to the land and its preservation. He and his father were among the first to install gradient terraces.  He was a pioneer in no-till farming, and first experimented with planting corn in red clover sod. In those days of limited knowledge in weed control, Jim developed his own sprayer system for controlling regrowth in no-till corn. He is a conservation innovator. His singular goal is to achieve maximum crop yield without soil deterioration on his rolling 600 acre farm. He also has given careful attention to waste management for his beef cattle herd, and to production rotational grazing. In 1982, Jim was chosen Soil Conservation Farmer for Indiana, and, in 1983, was one of the top three Soil Conservation Farmers in the United States. Him Martin is a Prairie Farmer Master Farmer. Read your 1983 U.S. Department of Agriculture Yearbook and there you will find an article on “Corn, Cattle and Conservation” – all about Jim Martin and his farm practices. In 1984, Martin was appointed chairman of the Governor’s Soil Resources Study Commission. Their two years of intensive study and research ultimately led to the current “T by 2000” legislation to activate necessary soil conservation practices. There is much more that can be said for Jim Martin and his progressive work for his profession and for his community. One fact overshadows all the rest, however, and that is his unswerving commitment to the basic principle that the land is the most basic of all resources, and it must be preserved, if there is to be a future in American agriculture.