​Purdue College of Agriculture Dean's Advisory Council

The Purdue Agriculture Dean's Advisory Council is comprised of individuals who represent the breadth of the food, life sciences, agriculture and natural resource system. Council members come from across the state (and beyond) and have a wide range of occupations and professional/personal backgrounds. The diverse expertise and capabilities of our Council members ensure that many perspectives are heard as we address the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly global economy and agriculture industry. Over the years, our Council members have been instrumental in helping Purdue Agriculture set and reach some important goals. Purdue Agriculture is fortunate to have exceptional individuals who invest in and support the future of agriculture.

These are the members of the Purdue Agriculture Dean’s Advisory Council:

William “Kess” Berg (2018-2021)
CEO/Managing Member, Advanced Agrilytics and Ag Ingenuity Partners

Kristen Bloink (2019-2022)
Vice President, Global Research & External Innovation, Elanco Animal Health

Brittini Brown (2019-2022)
Asst. Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland Balitimore Co.

Zachary Brown (2019-2022)
Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Programs, Purdue University College of Agriculture

Brian Buchanan (2020-2023)
Indiana State Senator

Josh Crabb (2018-2021)
Operations Manager, Creighton Brothers, LLC

Kendell Culp (2020-2023)
Grain/Livestock Producer

Michael Dunn (2018-2021)
Director of Freshwater Conservation, The Nature Conservancy in Indiana

Jim Engleberth (2019-2022)
Sales/Marketing Effectiveness Leader, MCS, Corteva

Jerry Flint (2018-2021)
Vice President Engagement and Outreach, National Pork Board

Emily Flynn (2018-2021)
Seed Resources and QMS Manager, Inari

Brian Garwood (2020-2023)
Co-Owner, Garwood Orchards, INC.

Tyler Gough (2019-2022)
Head Farmer, Indy Urban Acres

Heather Hill (2020-2023)
Grain/Livestock Producer, Hill Farms

Aaron Howell (2019-2022)
Co-owner and Director of Operations, Howell Farms of Crossroads

Shibu Jose (2020-2023)
Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri

Bruce Kettler (2018-2021)
Director, Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Courtney Kingery (2020-2023)
CEO, Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Corn Growers Association

Tammy Lawson (2019-2022)
Owner/Operator, Lawson Farms

J.D. Prescott (2020-2023)
Production Manager, Beck’s Superior Hybrids

Tony Rumschlag (2019-2022)
Senior Director Consulting Veterinarians, Elanco Animal Health

Jeremy Slater (2019-2022)
Director, Discovery Park District, Purdue Research Foundation

Laura Treanor (2020-2023)
Provost, Vice President for Instructional Services/Dean of Faculty, Vincennes University

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