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Otto C Doering III

Agricultural Economics 

  • Professor
Krannert Room 569

 Awards and Honors

Awards & Honors

(2018) Indiana Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. As Part of Purdue U2U Project.

(2009) Bruce Gardner Policy Economist Award. USDA Economists.

(2008) Service as President. American Agricultural Economics Association.

(2005) President's Leadership Award. Soil and Water Conservation Society.

(2000) Cooperative Extension Career Award. Purdue University.

(1990) National Distinguished Policy Contribution Award. American Agricultural Economics Association.

(1981) Blue Ribbon Award for Educational Programming. American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

(1978) National Distinguished Policy Contribution Award. American Agricultural Economics Association.

(1977) Extension Economics Teaching Award. American Agricultural Economics Association.

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Selected Publications

Tyner, W. E., Meilan, R., & Doering, O. C. (n.d.). Stochastic techno-economic analysis of electricity produced from poplar plantations in Indiana. Renewable Energy, 149, 189-197.

Doering, O. C., Lawrence, D. J., & Helms, J. D. (2013). Agriculltural Conservation & Environmental Programs: The Challenge of Data-Driven Conservation. CHOICES, 28(2), 5-Jan. Retrieved from

Doering, O. C. (2013). Agriculture and Climatre Change: Action Instead of Argument. RESOURCE, 2013(July/August 2013), 13-Dec.

Doering, O. C. (2013). Book Review, The Economics of Regulation in Agriculture: Compliance with Public and Private Standards. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94(4), 1045-1046.

Prokopy, L. S., Hart, C. E., Massey, R., Widhalm, M., Klink, J., Andresen, J., . . . Todey, D. (n.d.). Using a team survey to improve team communication for enhanced delivery of agro-climate decision support tools. Agricultural Systems, 138, 31-37.

Doering, O. C., & Smith, K. R. (2012). Examining the Relationship of Conservation Compliance & Farm Program Incentives. 8. Retrieved from

Doering, O. C., Galloway, J. N., & Theis, T. L. (2011). Reactive Nitrogen in the U.S.: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences and Management Options. Reactive Nitrogen in the U.S.: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences, and Management Options - A Report of the EPA Science Advisory Board, 140. Retrieved from

Birch, M. B., Gramig, B. M., Moomaw, W. R., Doering, O. C., & Reeling, C. J. (2011). Why Metrics Matter: Evaluating Policy Choices for Reactive Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Environmental Science and Technology, 45, 168-174. Retrieved from environmental science and technology

Ditomaso, J. M., Resaser, J. K., Dionigi, C. P., Doering, O. C., Chilton, E., Schardt, J. D., & Barney, J. N. (2010). Biofuel vs Bioinvasion: Seeding Policy Priorities. Environmental Science and Technology, 44, 6906-6910.

Moreau, D. H., Craig, R. K., Demissie, M., Doering, O. C., Dzombak, D. A., Freedman, P. L., . . . Wolf, R. (2010). Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico: Strategies and Priorities. Report of the national Research Council, National Academies of Science, Jan-42.

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