PK-12 Council​

Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture, Jay Akridge, gives opening remarks during the PK-12 Council for the College of Agriculture showcase.

Welcome to the PK-12 Council website! The Council is comprised of representatives from every department and unit in the College of Agriculture. The Council is dedicated to promoting faculty, staff, and student efforts to interact with PK-12 teachers, students, and parents. The Council does this by creating opportunities for networking and sharing of resources. We will host a showcase of PK-12 activities in the Fall semester and a poster session to displ​ay scholarly work in the Spring semester.

Purpose & Functions

The purpose of the PK-12 Council is to organize the College of Agriculture’s capacity to leverage its strengths in engaging youth through outreach and engagement efforts that address one of the five strategic goals of the College to “expand the pool of students interested in, and prepared for, careers in food, agricultural, life, and natural resource sciences.” The COA PK-12 Council will promote communications and awareness of PK-12 engagement activities in the College of Agriculture, and help facilitate linkages and leverage capacity by increasing the sharing of ideas and activities. It is important to note that the initial purpose of the Council was not to centralize PK-12 activities in the College, although the communications around PK-12 engagement may streamline the initiative into a framework that is aligned with the COA’s strategic plan. The following objectives will guide the overall purpose of the Council:

  1. Provide a vehicle for communicating our PK-12 work to the campus council, giving College of Agriculture PK-12 work visibility. At this point, our College likely has one of the most extensive PK-12 portfolios across campus, but is also the most decentralized and likely least visible as a result.

  2. Provide a forum for better coordinating and levering PK-12 activity across the College. Look for gaps that provide new opportunities for innovation as well as connection to new PK-12 audiences.

  3. Serve as a portal to College PK-12 activities that others in the College can link to when educational activities/engagement are part of grant proposals and other collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts.

  4. Create a forum for sharing programs, speakers, and resources that are of interest to those who want to be engaged in PK-12 activities.